The Basic Principle for Striking a Golf Ball

"The golf stroke is the result of a combination of leverages - it is compound leverage. The club is one lever actuated from the left wrist. The left arm is another lever actuated from the shoulder joint. The left shoulder is another lever actuated from the spinal column. A lever that breaks in the middle is no lever at all." ORIGINAL GOLF FUNDAMENTALS, Musselburgh, Scotland. Part 1: to become consistently accurate

The Heart of The Golf Swing

Original Golf Fundamentals At the Moment of Impact Snap

Download : "'Wrist Action Produces a Snap" DUNNS' Original Golf Fundamentals, Musselburgh, Scotland.

The Left Hand Has to Bear Back Against The Right

Hands Work in Opposition to Each Other

The Full Swing Stroke by Seymour Dunn 1922

Prevent Leverage Collapse

"A sort of a shot backwards" By Sir Henry Cotton

"a resistance somewhere" Page 169 "Upon The Wrists Impart Delightful Snap" Walter J Travis
, "So As To Allow of The Snap of The Wrists" Alex Smith


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"The left side, the left arm and the left hand take the hit superbly and, of course, just as long as there is no breakdown there, it is impossible to hit too hard with the right hand." Bob Torrance

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