"The left hand must be held back at the moment of impact, in order to enable the right hand to do its fair share of the work. I lay great stress on this keeping back of the left hand ; the right hand must hit if we are to get any length at all ; and if the left hand is not held back the right hand has no resistance to work against." Charles Clarke

What is timing? At the moment of impact
The hands in a way really work in opposition to each other
It is not correct to sweep the whole lot through


Download : "In other words, there was in his swing a sort of left hand against the right, a resistance to the right hand somewhere and I think people overlooked that, and still do." By Sir Henry Cotton Open Champion 1934 1937 1948 Harry Vardon Trophy 1938

Download : "The left hand must bear back against the right." Dunns of Musselburgh, Scotland 1922 1930 1934

Download : ORIGINAL GOLF FUNDAMENTALS DUNNS'S FIVE LESSONS POSTER Suitable to A2 size, PDF 300 dpi for your Fair Use.

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"Opposed power is related in all manner of ways to the correct playing of games. The quick way to par golf is thoroughly to master the principle of opposed power. Timing must be allied to opposed power." George Duncan

The hands are the main driving force DUNNS of Musselburgh 1897 So As To Allow of The Snap of the Wrists Alex Smith 1907

"The majority of players who fail in transmission of power do so because their left hand fails to act as a fulcrum for the right hand to strike against. The left hand must bear back against the right. This back pressure of the left hand must be exerted at the moment of impact." Seymour Dunn