OGF Left hand has to bear back against the right

Dunn was tutored by Tom Morris 1890 How right he has been Henry Cotton 1980
OGF F5-F9-F12 Dvnns Duncan Smith Cotton

Download : "Dunn was tutored by Tom Morris" By H. S. C. Everard 'THE BADMINTON LIBRARY of SPORTS AND PASTIMES Edited By HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF BEAUFORT, K.G. Assisted By Alfred E. T. Watson GOLF' GOLF BY HORACE G. HUTCHINSON Second Edition 1890 XIV. SOME CELEBRATED GOLFERS page 341 ; "about 1851, appointed custodian of Prestwick Links, just then newly established as a golf course" page 349 ; and "the twa Dunns, Willie and Jamie, graund players baith, nane better" old Tom Morris, 1886, page 430.

Download : 'THE TATLER GOLFING NOTES. By Garden G. Smith' [No. 34. FEBRUARY 1 9. 1902 MR. H. S. C. EVERARD A well-known critic of the game, "Mr. H. S. C. Everard of St. Andrews is one of the best critics of the royal and ancient game."

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