OGF Left hand has to bear back against the right

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    OGF F5-F9-F12 Dvnns Duncan Smith Cotton
    The basic principle for striking a golf ball
    OGF F12 Transmission of power left hand must bear back against the right
    OGF F9 Delay right forearm and wrist hit
    OGF F8 Sweep with left arm
    OGF F5 Strike with square impact
    Learn to use the hands properly
    The secret of good golf
    The sag of the wrists in the downswing
    The whole sum and substance of the swing
    The two-handed swing with the driver
    So as to allow of the "snap of the wrists" with "throw of the club"
    Approach shots. The stiff or flexible wrists. Hands behind club or in advance of it
    As with all other strokes the right is the master hand, the WJT Putting method
    OGF F5-F9-F12 Dvnns Duncan Smith Cotton
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  free PDF Alec Smith Carnoustie A gowfer of the old school Alec Smith Carnoustie swipe stroke immense power from a brawny right forearm and wrist By O. B. Keeler
  OGF F1-F5 for Accuracy. Paperback free to OGF students You can swing but not strike. Strike with square impact OGF F5 DUNNS' FIVE LESSONS
  Including 'Hands work in opposition to each other' Walter J Travis OGF Golf Research Library 1821 - Present
  GASP are NOT golf fundamentals! Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture are NOT golf fundamentals!